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The desire for immortality..

Contrary to appearances – I do not dwell in a dark place – but I do have experiences that make me think about some things a bit deeper.

I’m not a scholar nor am I a theologian – I’m not particularly religious except in the big picture kind of way.

I do think there are teachings from those that came before us..and the bible is a piece of that for me.

The story of Adam and Eve … (and please forgive my version of a synopsis);  when they ate from the ‘tree of knowledge’ which gave them an insight into the world based on God’s view has always intrigued me.

So let’s go with that.

Well here we have two newly formed beings that all the sudden have this knowledge of ‘sin’ and all that implies..

(Forget that they purportedly covered their private parts immediately – in my mind – that’s mostly where ‘man’s’ version of the story falls apart.)

However, I’m thinking – THAT is when man got its first taste of immortality – and it’s been downhill ever since.

We’re not meant to be immortal.

Dying is a part of living – it goes with the territory. But our quest for immortality has driven some intellectual gains beyond society’s ability to handle said ‘immortality’.

Medicine is advancing to the state of unequal balance.

Where will it stop? When will we give equal amounts of time, money and politics to all the pieces of how our society is ‘advancing’.

We first have to admit we are not meant to be immortal – we all have to die…and accepting that the fact that WHEN or HOW … is not usually a choice.

It is the ones that take us by surprise that hurt and slap that lack across our face. Those are the ones that make us cry out in pain and intense loss.

I mean no disrespect to anyone that feels the pain of the loss of a loved one.

I know that I offend those ‘lovers of life’ – the one’s that have that zest for living that makes them live every moment with zeal and appreciation.

I don’t mean to imply everyone should give up – however –

and here’s my point…. I do think it is OK to accept the fact that not everyone is a fighter.

I realize that my ramblings are not for everyone.