Life isn’t what we plan…

DockatHarkers Life isn’t what we plan – it is what happens while we plan. I’ve been working on a new venture for me – something way outside my comfort zone. Do I have what it takes? Are my skills something that others would pay for? Am I really as good as I think I am? Am I really as good as my friends say I am?  Am I risking everything I have on a dream that should just stay a dream? Why do I punch so many proverbial ‘holes’ in my confidence? Why do I question my abilities instead of building my confidence on them? What is that intangible trait that others have that I don’t have that makes them think they can and should … ‘just do it’? I read a quote today by Zig Ziegler – “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” and I ask myself – what am I aiming for? Can I unequivocally answer that? My aim seems to be a bit muddled, cloudy, shaky. At my age – shouldn’t I know by now what I want? And in that ‘knowing’ – shouldn’t I be able to aim for that and go for it without this unending doubt in myself and in the future? When your anchor is ripped from your starboard bow and the motor is just sputtering at half power and your compass has lost its direction….you feel as tho you are dead in the water. Some folks would say – ‘buck up – get to work and stay busy.’ Others would say – pray. And then there’s folks like me, who have spent most of their lives letting the current determine their direction…We need that nudge to show us a way to go. It isn’t that we don’t want to work. It isn’t that we don’t want to be productive members of society. What it is … is a need to see a way … a current … a flow of energy. To be sure not without rocks and rapids … because that is part of it – but at least a current to guide us in our journey. I’ve lost my current…and I’ve lost my anchor…and it feels like I’m in the dead water…

One response

  1. I can empathize, hope you find your direction.

    June 18, 2014 at 9:29 am

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